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Your participation is the aim of our project, so DO IT!
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We want to show a presentation about our trip to Italy
View more presentations or Upload your own.

My life in...

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If you want to watch the videos of the classical plays performed at the different schools or the Books Trailers that Spain has created click on this icon comenius-icono-film.gif

Recommended booksbooks_md_wht.gif

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MUSIC.gifMusic is important in our lives. What kind do you prefer?You can write the title and singer, you can even write de lyrics on Discussion (English or your own language) and then everybody can comment on it. Be the first! Write it now!

Suggest a book! What you like we can enjoy, too!
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Reading gives you wings and Writing allows others to fly

Reading_&_Writing.png Write your own short story and share it with us: let us FLY!

Submit your poem!Poem.jpg

Are you a budding poet? Submit your poem here, and you could be published in our Newspaper print and digital edition and on this site! To do it click on the iconCom_poetry.jpg and follow the instructions there.

Are you interested in Cinema?

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What about Comics? Com_comics1.jpg

Click on the image and have the experience of writing your own comic, it is an unique activity, you don't need to have artistic skills, everybody can do it. Try it, it's really amazing!

Create your own dictionary

Write useful sentences to communicate with each other in our Comenius program! Here you are a tool that can help you.