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Our aim is to promote Poetry Reading as well as Writing, that's why we have thought it would be a good idea to call a Poetry Contest in which everybody could participate by writing his/her poems on the Discussion section.

Procedure: Every student can write his/her poem title in "Subject" and then write the poem in "Message", so everybody could make a comment on it. Then a jury will choose the winners.

We can talk about this idea in Discussion and decide and agree on the terms of the contest..

Students poetry of Dimitrie Cantemir School - Romania

I hate everything about you!
I hate your eyes, cause they`re so blue!
I hate your beautiful short hair,
I hate you, but you don`t care!
I hate the way you talk so free,
I hate the fact that you love me!
I hate the fact that it`s so true,
I hate the fact that I love you!

Toth Isabela
Cls. a VII-a C

Love poems

I love sitting on the beach, here
Nobody around me and a cake there.
I step on sand, taste the cream
It's delicious like a dream.
And I think that I can take
More from the book and more from the cake.

Grigor Diana
Cls. a VIII a-B

You can't find real love anywhere
It isn't in romance books
It isn't under the purest sand.
Or in the fluffy cream
True love is in your heart..

Conea Alexandra
Cls.a VII-a C