This web is the result of our need of cooperation and exchange of opinions, experiences and activities as well as a mean of showing our cultures, cities and countries.
We started the project with a blog but we think a web page will be better for our purposes, the blog is a good way to be in touch and communicate the news but a web page can allow to include more things permanently and encourage the participation not only in the decision-making process but in our students sharing.
We are convinced that collaboration is the axis of the project and that is so not only for teachers but for students, too. That's why we find it important to provide them with the right tools to achieve our aim.
Travelling together we will achieve what we have set out to do.

Procedure for navigation on this web

On the left-side bar there are some little images you can click on to go to the different pages of the web. In the same way we have added these icons on the top of each page to make the sailing easier.
On the other hand on the top of the page, just below the title : Comenius:Reading, we can find 5 indexes: The name of the page, page, Discussion, History and Notify me. In Discussion we can open a subject to discuss or reply a subject opened by other people, it is easy to do, you only have to join, choose an username and a password and your e-mail, and you'll be ready to write what you want and send it. This index "Discussion" appears in every page of the wiki so that you can open a subject related to the page you are visiting or follow a subject already open. This is a way to participate in the different activities we propose or start a new one. It's up to you.
Only two people per country will have permission to edit the web, although we admit suggestion about this idea, but we think it will be better to avoid problems. Everybody can sail and write comments, even open a subject for discussion.
We hope you'll join us!