SUMMARY (5000characters)

This association has been a multilateral Comenius project whose work has been carried out to get the following objectives:
1) to integrate the library into the academic life of the partner schools involved in the project, using it as a working tool and dynamic space that can be used to inform, educate and entertain our students.
2. To promote and develop a taste for reading and writing so as to learn, learn, think and to be used as a means of entertainment and leisure space.
3. To train students to access information sources and to manage independently.
4. To acquire strategies and techniques that facilitate and enhance the reading comprehension from different areas of the curriculum.
5. To encourage students and teachers understanding, knowledge and learning about the diversity of cultures and languages and their value.
6. To acquire basic skills for life: personal development in order to work in Europe.
7. To increasing the quality and European dimension in teacher training.
8. To give students strategies, resources and skills to provide quality lifelong learning, making use of educational resources provided by school libraries.
9. To promote a framework for exchange between the partners and enrichment of experiences about reading and libraries.
10. To use new technologies for information and communication technologies (ICT) for the implementation, exchange, publication and an interactive mutual assessment of the materials produced.
We think these objectives have been accomplished with the activities carried out during these two years.



1. Our Wiki contains all of them, that's why we consider it as the first final product itself, apart from it we have selected:

2. Our digital journal
3. Our blog
4. Comparative Study of our libraries