The day of the Library in Italy

La Festa Del Libro Ottobre piovono libri

Library Day Celebration in Romania

Romania Activities-Library Day

Library Day Celebration in Spain

Celebración del Día de la Biblioteca

Libray Day celebration in Bulgaria

1 Library day celebration

- Exhibition of books written by Bulgarian national revival authors in the library

- Exhibition of books granted by the famous Plovdiv movement “Plovdiv reads”

- Power point Presentations of national revival authors

- Poster competition - Library day

- New students visit the library

- A week which commemorates the national revival authors starting with the library day

Library Day celebration in Turkey

· Reading Contest : Students will be tested "impressiveness", "interpretive power", "sound color", "gesture-mimic", "the ability of using of Turkish language"
· Cooperating with our local library and find out authors among teachers in our town. And interview with authors will take place at our local library.
· Cartoon exhibition about books and libraries.
· Exhibition about the history of library.
· Exhibition about developing of the books through the history.
· Exhibition of book covers.
· New students visit to local library

Halloween at IES Mediterráneo Library

The English Department has organized a funny activity that involves several groups.
The students of 1º Bachillerato prepared a terror play that was performed at the Library for the students of 1ºESO.




The Day of Europe

The Europe Day has been celebrated in our school and we have prepared different projects per groups, here we are some of the examples we showed in the Library this day. They are dedicated to Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey because these are the countries we are visiting this year.

Homage to Miguel Hernández

IES Mediterraneo paid a tribute to the famous writer Miguel Hernández with a week of activities organized in honor of him from 12th to 16th April
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One of our celebrations is St. Cecilia, here we are some photos taken when one of the activities celebrating the festival took place in the library

Actividad Santa Cecilia
In this document you can read about this celebration
Santa Cecilia