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"Reading for travelling through the paths of life"

This project tries to exchange ideas among the different teachers and students involved in it to encourage our students to read as a way to open their minds and see the world around them.
This wiki is a way to participate in the project as well as a means to show our activities and the news in which we take part.

From this page you can go to:
Introduction.gifINTRODUCTION: On this page we explain why this wiki has been built and the procedure to navigate on it.
Who_we_are.jpg WHO WE ARE: On this page we show who we are, our countries, our schools, our culture, ... There is a page per country
What_we_are_doing.gif WHAT WE ARE DOING: Our news, and the activities we are doing will be depicted here.
Our_libraries.gif OUR LIBRARIES: A link to our school libraries as well as some photographs of them can be found on this page. There are links to the pages that show the activities carried out.
Our_meetings.gif OUR MEETINGS: We will show here the photos, the calendar and the comments on our meetings in the different countries.
Our_blog.gif OUR BLOGS: The links to our blogs are given here.
Our_tools.gifOUR TOOLS: Some useful tools as a translator, etc... is shown here.
download.gif OUR DOCUMENTS: Our Comenius documents will be downloaded from this page.
Activities.png OUR ACTIVITIES: The different activities carried out not becessary in the libraries will be shown on this page. They are divided into:
  • Com_teatro.jpgTHEATRE ACTIVITIES
  • event-icons-celebration_~u12926952.jpgCELEBRATION ACTIVITIES
  • Meeting_the_author.pngMEETING THE AUTHOR: We will the information about our meetings with the different writers and our students.
  • Reading_Contest.png READING CONTEST: This is the page where the different countries will show the bases of the Contest and the results of it, a swell as the news that can happen during it.
Students.png STUDENTS: This is the students' corner where they are suggested to participate in different activities. They are the following:
  • books_md_wht.gif RECOMMENDED BOOKS: Students recommend their favourite books
  • my_life2.jpgMY LIFE IN...This is the page, where our STUDENTS will show their texts explaining the life in their countries. It could be a good topic to discuss about at the chat.
  • MUSIC.gif MUSIC: Students can the title and singer, even write the lyrics and then everybody can comment on it.
  • Com_suggestion.jpg SUGGEST A BOOK
  • Reading_&_Writing.pngREADING AND WRITING: A page where students can write their own short story and share it.
  • Com_poetry.jpgPOETRY: In this page students can submit a poem which could be published in our Newspaper print and digital edition and on this site.

  • Com_comics.jpgCOMICS: In this page Students can have the experience of writing your own comic, it is an unique activity.
  • Com_cinema.jpgCINEMA: Students can choose the film they like most. A lot of films are based on good novels, after watching the film may be someone would be interested in reading the book

chat.png OUR CHAT: We can chat from this page.

comenius-icono-film.gifOUR FILMS : This is the site where our films are depicted

European_bookworms.png OUR DIGITAL JOURNAL: We have added this icon to link our Digital journal, European Bookworms
Formative_training.jpgFORMATIVE TRAINNG: This is the page where every country can show the formative training carried out during our programme
final_report.gifThis is the page where we have included the Summary of our project as well as our final products.
assessment.gifOn this page the assessments will be depicted. Members can fill in the forms and submit them for record.